Dark Blue Gallery Wall

Have you gone for blue walls in your home? Good choice. Dark blue walls create a sense of drama and moody sophistication, whilst retaining a serene atmosphere. We have curated a collection of artworks that would perfectly complement darker blue tones and would come together to form a spectacular and eye-catching gallery wall. 

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Days Are Shit by Babak Ganjei
Sold Out
Everything Happens… Again by Antony 'H' Haylock
Everything Happens… Again £195

Antony 'H' Haylock

49 x 65cm

Limited Edition of 100

Night Swimming - Edition 2 by Oli Mumby
Sold Out
Night Swimming - Edition 2 £185

Oli Mumby

84 x 59.4cm

Printer's Proof

My Baby - Mint by Tim Fowler
My Baby - Mint £225

Tim Fowler

63 x 80cm

Limited edition of 50

Dirty Street by Dirty Hans
Sold Out
Dirty Street £300

Dirty Hans

96.52 x 60.96 cm

Limited Edition of 60

All I Want Is a Picture of You - Large by Mike Edwards
Sold Out
All I Want Is a Picture of... £250

Mike Edwards

83 x 83cm

Limited Edition of 100

Multi Cassette Vintage £375

Horace Panter

60 x 60cm

Limited Edition of 35

Debbie Harry Rainbow by Veebee
Sold Out
Debbie Harry Rainbow £160 £70


50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 200

My Baby - Dark Blue by Tim Fowler
My Baby - Dark Blue £225

Tim Fowler

63 x 80cm

Limited Edition of 50

Defence of the Inanimate - Tin Mug £195

Antony 'H' Haylock

43 x 44cm

Limited edition of 100

Japanese Vending Machine No.5 £200

Horace Panter

28 x 41cm

Limited Edition of 25