Danny Minnick

Contemporary, Seattle-born artist Danny Minnick is known for his unique style of abstract expressionism: in the artist’s own words, “a riot of dark colour, thick paint, layer upon layer of pigments, fragments, splinters, brush and splatter work.” An ex-professional skateboarder, Minnick brings the energy, passion and movement of his former career into his art practice.

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He counts, amongst its influences, the skateboard graphics of Ray Pettitbon, Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender and Chad Muska, as well as the music of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, the bold brushstrokes of Willem De Kooning, the drips of Jackson Pollock, cartoon figures of Keith Haring, and the proto-graffiti paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Like his artistic forebears, Minnick works on large-scale canvasses, to create works with an overwhelming presence and bold, visceral impact. Minnick has also gained global attention creating murals across the US, including a collaboration with Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. An active supporter of environmental issues, Minnick has used his work to confront the impact of human behaviour on the Earth, and has donated numerous pieces to various charities. Today, Minnick’s work features in the collections of celebrities such as basketball star LeBron James, American filmmakers Nick Cassavetes and Gus Van Sant, musicians Fred Durst and Jamie Hince, and actresses Mena Suvari and Jessica Alba.

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