D*Face is a prolific street artist famed for his unique urban style. Based in London, D*Face discovered graffiti at a young age and now draws heavily from this art form. Paired with his love of skateboard decks and comics, D*Face’s art is an amalgamation of influences.

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Working in a variety of mediums such as spray paint, stencils and stickers, and drawing from motifs such as comic book strips and pop culture icons, D*Face creates contemporary art that is thought provoking and bold. We love how D*Face’s artworks depict their subjects as if from a comic book strip that often criticises fame, overconsumption and materialism.

D*Face studied illustration and design, becoming a freelance designer shortly after. At the same time, the artist started to develop his own street art career. D*Face has since had an extremely successful career, designing album covers for the likes of Blink-182 and Christina Aguilera and setting up his own gallery StolenSpace in Shoreditch, London. He has also exhibited in galleries across the world.

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