Colour Black

Colour Black, also known as Dan Lacey, is an art director and artist based in East London. His artworks are witty and referential yet also thought-provoking. The artist places importance on curiosity and asking questions, encouraging his audience to: “question, question, question everything. What needs to change? How can you help someone? What else can I create?”

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We love how Colour Black’s topical work is inspired by street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, while also making art historical references from the movements of brutalism, the avant-garde and Bauhaus. 

After studying for an art and design foundation course and then Graphic Design at university, the artist took his first screen printing class in 2017, under the tutelage of Ben Ryder. Working most of the week as an art director in advertising, Colour Black spends his spare time creating artwork at Print Club London. Colour Black’s screen prints have been displayed in exhibitions across the country. 

We have been working with Colour Black since 2020.

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