CJP lives and practices in the UK and has worked as an art director, photographer, alongside their career as an artist. Their current aesthetic reflects this overlap of disciplines. 

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CJP skillfully creates intricate original artwork and prints that resemble grainy black and white photographs, each one illustrated with painstaking detail and artistic nuance. We love how each composition is subtly intersected by the idea of silent, visual narratives that fundamentally underpin all of our human interactions.

Creating a contemporary body of work that is diverse, CJP’s work reflects their passion for the natural world by applying a distinctly traditional approach to each composition. On the question of how their surroundings affect and inspire their artwork, CJP has said “I’ve always been passionate about the environment and feel it important to place thought-provoking narrative in my work from time to time as a reminder that we should all care a little more for the natural world.” Their artwork has been exhibited across the UK and displayed in galleries in Brighton and York.

We’ve been working with CJP since 2018.

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