Cats Artworks

Calling all cat lovers - spread the joy of furry friends with our collection of limited edition cat art prints.

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Meow Scarlet Glitter Edition £150

Cassandra Yap

50 x 70 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Deluxe Best Friends by Charlotte Farmer
Sold Out
Deluxe Best Friends £65

Charlotte Farmer

12.5 x 17.5 cm

Limited Edition of 75

Cats Pyramids by Memori Prints
Sold Out
Cats Pyramids £35

Memori Prints

24.7 x 39cm

Limited edition of 42

One or Two Cats by Charming Baker
Sold Out
One or Two Cats £720

Charming Baker

76 x 94 cm

Limited Edition of 80

Little F**Ker £185

Gemma Compton

60 x 60cm

Limited Edition of 50

Nine Lives by Haus of Lucy
Sold Out
Nine Lives £350

Haus of Lucy

9 x 14 x 7 cm

Kitten by Peter Blake
Arrives by christmas
Kitten £1,695

Peter Blake

48 x 77.6 cm

Limited Edition of 50

But I Am, 2015 by Magda Archer
Sold Out
But I Am, 2015 £300

Magda Archer

47 x 66 cm

Edition of 40

Griffin Kitten by Dylan Floyd
Sold Out
Griffin Kitten £150

Dylan Floyd

45 x 58 cm

Look Into My Eyes, Not Around My... £395

Charming Baker

70 x 90cm

Limited edition of 100

Transformation by Louise McNaught
Arrives by christmas
Transformation £275 £220

Louise McNaught

50 x 60cm

Limited Edition of 15

Block Party (with print), 2020 by Andy Rementer
Block Party (with print), 2020 £500

Andy Rementer

5.5 x 12.7 cm

Limited Edition of 200

Cats (Red), 2022 by Ai Weiwei
Sold Out
Cats (Red), 2022 £1,240

Ai Weiwei

32.8 x 28cm

Limited Edition of 150

I Am Elegant, I Am Oh So Very Very Elegant by David Shrigley
I Am Elegant, I Am Oh So... £6,850

David Shrigley

56 x 76cm

Limited Edition of 125

Feline Scent by Kate Knight
Sold Out
Feline Scent £275

Kate Knight

42 x 59.4 cm

Limited Edition of 30