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Trying to find the perfect gift but coming up empty? Look no further than our curated collection of stunning Gifts For Her. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary present for your wife, or a special birthday present for your mother, treat the ladies in your life to a stunning artwork that is bound to impress her and make any occasion memorable.

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Free Dive by Anna Marrow
Sold Out
Free Dive £95

Anna Marrow

35 x 35cm

Edition of 30

Gorilla - Lilac Foil £195

Hannah Carvell

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 10

Big Pink Bum, 2020 by Lucie Bennett
Sold Out
Big Pink Bum, 2020 £1,400

Lucie Bennett

106 x 110 cm

Limited Edition of 15

Equality is Quality, 2020 by Ollie Cooper
Sold Out
Equality is Quality, 2020 £45

Ollie Cooper

27.9 x 40.2cm

Limited Edition of 50

Cactus Blue - Small by Nadia Attura
Sold Out
Cactus Blue - Small £350

Nadia Attura

50 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 70

Pier by Ruth Mulvie
Sold Out
Pier £300

Ruth Mulvie

70 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 25

You Are My Sunshine in Multicolour -... £75

Hannah Carvell

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 20

Lotuses £250

Ellie Foreman-Peck

55.8 x 79cm

Limited Edition of 100

Float by Delphine Lebourgeois
Sold Out
Float £325

Delphine Lebourgeois

42 x 60 cm

Limited Edition of 20

How to Fill the Void £450

Marcelina Amelia

69 x 84.1cm

Limited edition of 60

Courtyard Corner £60

Midnight to 6

29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition of 99

Cut out Girls (Set), 2020 by Lucie Bennett
Sold Out
Cut out Girls (Set), 2020 £1,200

Lucie Bennett

60 x 82 cm

Limited Edition of 50

Till Death - Fluorescent Red by Cassandra Yap
Sold Out
Till Death - Fluorescent Red £70

Cassandra Yap

50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 200

Cats Pyramids by Memori Prints
Sold Out
Cats Pyramids £35

Memori Prints

24.7 x 39cm

Limited edition of 42

The Great Escape by Ruth Mulvie
Sold Out
The Great Escape £570

Ruth Mulvie

76 x 94 cm

Limited Edition of 10 and 2 Artists Proofs

Vintage Paprika Tins by Charlotte Farmer
Sold Out
Vintage Paprika Tins £175

Charlotte Farmer

59.4 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 30

After Sun Glow £60

Midnight to 6

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 99

Allure by Sara Pope
Sold Out
Allure £200

Sara Pope

60 x 60 cm

Sofia £650

Maria Rivans

70 x 100cm

Limited Edition of 75

Untitled, 1956 from 'Derriere le Miroir' No. 87-89 by Joan Miro
Sold Out
Untitled, 1956 from 'Derriere le Miroir' No.... £275

Joan Miro

27.6 x 37.7 cm

Limited Edition of an unknown size

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