Anna Kosa

Anna Kosa is a London-based abstract expressionist painter with a  background in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology.  Her work investigates the complexities of the human condition and  captures the feelings, mood states and process of emotional healing in  colourful canvas compositions. 

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The act of creating her paintings is Anna’s way of processing the impacts of  her past and everyday experiences in a form of externalised visual self reflection, observing her thoughts through the lens of positive psychology and  post traumatic growth. 

Anna works on large compositions of canvas mosaics that represent the ever changing perceptions of reality and practices a delicate balance of mindful  decision making and letting go of control, helping her to stay present in the  moment. She starts each collection with a specific feeling in mind and allows  her intuition to guide her in mixing her paints from primary, fluorescent and  metallic colours.

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