Anita Rozentale

Latvian-born artist Anita Rozentale is known for her practice of “painting with photographs,” which she uses to question the medium of photography, the nature of visual evidence and the role of truth in visual art. Incorporating appropriation, collage, painting, sculpture, and cyanotype into the photo-based artworks, Rozentale explores difference in the cultural, political, historical, and social backgrounds that make up the multicultural community.

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Her artworks ask what it means to be a human being in the twenty-first century; what it means to be a part of society; and what it means today to function communally. Confounding expectations, Rozentale’s works ask that you look twice - what often appears to be a ‘straightforward’ photograph reveals itself through artistic process to contain elements of the bizarre and the surreal, which force the viewer into a confrontation with the self and the other and the motif of reliable memory.

Rozentale has recently exhibited at Saatchi Prints and Originals Gallery as part of Jealous Gallery’s 10 year anniversary show. Notable exhibitions and prizes include include: representing England’s South-East region for Lloyds TSB Art of Nurture; finalist in the Salon Art Prize (Matt Roberts Arts); finalist for the Summer Art Prize (Lacey Contemporary Gallery); shortlisted for FK Balva in 2018 (Latvia).

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