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Owain George Scarface £130.00
Owain George Urbanite £130.00
Owain George Consuming the Spirit £130.00
Owain George Gorilla Warfare £130.00
Owain George No Pride £130.00
Owain George Defacement of Man £130.00
Rob Wass Kestrel (Small) £100.00
Rob Wass Kestrel (Big) £200.00
Magda Archer Well Hi (Orange) £380.00
Magda Archer Don't Smoke Inside You Twats £180.00
Magda Archer Stop Mugging Me Off £170.00
Lene Bladbjerg Flying High £90.00
Lene Bladbjerg Framed Wattle Blue Butterfly £125.00
Lene Bladbjerg Framed Common Wanderer Butterfly £125.00
Owain George Paradise Lost - Original £1,500.00
Owain George Black Market £1,000.00
Owain George Distorted Vision - Original £1,000.00
Magnus Gjoen Khaos XL £2,250.00
Not Now Nancy King II £50.00
Not Now Nancy Killer Queen £50.00
Olly Howe Art of Flight £245.00
Carl Moore Blue Moose £250.00
Carl Moore Red Bull £250.00
Carl Moore Yellow Goat £250.00