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Owain George

Distorted Vision - Original

Hand Finished on Linen
Artwork size: 45.72 x 60.96 cm
Edition of 1
Limited Edition
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‘Distorted Vision’ is an Original Oil Painting on Linen by contemporary artist Owain George. The piece is signed by the artist. 

The face of a snow leopard dominates the canvas, beautifully captured in layer upon layer of oil paint. As the beautiful beast stares sadly into the distance, tears seem to leak from its glassy, blue eyes: bringing the animal kingdom up close, ‘Distorted Vision’ is a truly breathtaking encounter with one of the world’s endangered beasts - and a rousing call to act fast, before it’s too late.

About The Artist - Owain George

Owain’s passion for realistic and highly detailed painting started at an early age, being influenced by photorealist artists, fantasy illustrators and comic book artists. Over time he developed and honed his style, experimenting with various techniques and mediums mostly using the figure as subject matter.

After several years away from painting, during which time he travelled in south east Asia and India where he was fortunate enough to visit the Sariska national park which is home to many different species of wildlife. This chance to observe exotic wildlife in its natural environment sparked a passion that would reignite his love of painting. In the following years his focus then changed from the human body to wildlife. Influenced by artists such as Alan Hunt, John Banovich and David Smith, he developed the techniques he had learned in earlier years and applied them to painting animals and he resolved to create beautiful representations of the animal world in great detail.

Working predominantly in oil or acrylic paint on either wood panels or fine canvas, his technique involves blocking in areas of colour before working in many layers over the top, starting with the background, gradually increasing the level of detail in each layer.

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