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Hisham Echafaki

Crepuscular Spectrum

Hand Finished on Acrylic on resin in Perspex
Artwork size: 40 x 40 cm
Edition of 1
Limited Edition
last one!
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‘Crepuscular Spectrum’ is an Original Acrylic on Resin by contemporary artist Hisham Echafaki. Encased in Perspex, the piece is signed by the artist.

Contemporary artist Hisham Echafaki is known for his original artworks in oil, acrylic and resin, that comment on our complex relationship with the natural world. In his works, Echafaki employs trompe-l’oeil techniques, transforming insects and animals into faux taxidermy, to critique the ethics of framing natural life as objects of ornamentation, and to showcase the beauty of biological design alongside the craft of visual art.

‘Crepuscular Spectrum’ depicts a nexus of delicate butterfly wings, painted in colourful acrylics on clear resin. The effect is breathtaking, each intricate wing reminding the viewer of the beauty of complex biology, and the debt we owe the natural world in every instance of visual artistry.

About The Artist - Hisham Echafaki

Hisham Echafaki is a self-taught painter whose body of works focuses on patterns in nature and the animal world. Working in oil , acrylic or resin, his work often features surrealist compositions with animals with a particular emphasis on endangered species. Whilst his work evokes a sense of wonderment for nature’s colours and patterns, it often incorporates anthropomorphic and trompe-l'oeil features that engage the viewer to reflect on our complex relationship with the animal world as well the importance of conservation and protection of the planets rich diversity.

Hisham Echafaki also paints multidimensional portraits of animals, in resin and Perspex giving the optical illusion that they are or were once real specimen. The animals often display anthropomorphic features on their wings or bodies with recognizable patterns found in art, design, science or architecture while others are simply more lifelike. Each piece is a tribute to the beautiful intricacy and complexity of the animal world but also a critique of how humans are affecting and shaping evolutionary changes in animal species.

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