Angela Newberry

Angela Newberry is a printmaker who works with linocuts, relief prints and screenprints, and is based both in the UK and in Australia. Born in Surrey, in 1934, Newbury attended both Kingston School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, specialising in printmaking. Newberry’s career from the late 1950s onwards is astonishing in its polymathic scope: in 1957 she co-designed Pashanger, with her then husband Michael Newberry, a noteworthy single-story house, the first of its kind in England, to be built with steel framework and entirely glass walls.

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Winning the Vogue Talent Contest in 1958, Newberry was quickly picked up by Conde Nast before being head-hunted as Assistant Art Editor to Queen Magazine (now Harpar’s Bazaar). Newberry continued to focus on the arts and began training at the London School of Film in 1974. By the end of the 1970s Newberry had taken the post of Assistant Course Director at the London Film School, a position which soon progressed to Course Director. After a visit to Australia, Newberry discovered a passion for the Oceanic landscape, and gained a position as a Writer in Residence at The Sydney Film and Television School. Returning to London, Newberry took a post as a visiting tutor at her alma mater, the Royal College of Art, and reacquainted herself with her early interest in printmaking by attending a course at Falmouth School of Art. Since 1984, Newberry has practised exclusively as a printmaker, sharing her time between Australia and the UK.

Newberry’s print work is largely landscape driven, focusing on the topographies, climate, and eco-cultures of rural parts of both the UK and Australia. Her prints eschew the presences and traces of people, revelling in the sublime beauty of the natural world. Like her tutor Edward Bawden, her aesthetic is one which mixes naivety with highly skilled processes, to create an appealing charm that artfully captures her passion for geographical place.

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