Ame72 aka James Ame, is a full-time artist who does street art and graffiti around the world. Having exhibited in world renowned museums, galleries and art auctions, Ame has been featured in numerous publications, including the iconic book, 'The Cult Of Lego'. Also known as “The Lego Guy”, he uses these mass-produced molded smiling toy puppets, as a mean to transmit a message in his art prints. Messages borrowed from the urban texture and aimed towards the society’s characteristics: economic abundance, consumerism and commercialization.

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Ame72 is a graffiti artist with a background in graphic design & innovation. He is probably best known for his use of Lego stencils to create thought-provoking and humorous images reflecting life in today's society. At the young age of 5, his family TV died and his father decided there and then, no more TV set, hence, his early childhood was spent playing with LEGO and painting, not watching TV.

His LEGO street art let to a collaboration with LEGO to create a Limited Edition Art Set made of 149 LEGO bricks. Instead of just hanging on the wall, the customer could re-arrange the front design to create a different artwork. Thus, his works have gained a diverse following of collectors, from adult Lego fans to Hollywood movie stars, Royalty and the even the discernible collector who prefers to remove works from the street.

In his art, Ame72 uses an eclectic mix of style, colour and technique as a means to transmit messages and humour towards society’s characteristics, reflecting, amongst other things, environmental awareness, economic abundance, consumerism & commercialisation.

In December 2018 Ame was invited by film producer Dan Lin, to paint a massive 38m x 7.5m mural on the side of Rideback Film Studios (where they make the LEGO movies) in Historic Filipino Town, Los Angeles.
The mural was a huge success and was very well received by the local community, who even turned up every day to help with the production.

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