London based contemporary artist A.CE is a big name in the UK street-art scene. With a career spanning over 15 years, A.CE has developed a reputation in the street art world and his recognisable wheat-pasted images have become something of an icon across the metropolitan landscape.

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Taking inspiration from Dada to Pop Art, collage to the classics, A.CE entwines established cultures with his own experiences and aesthetics, incorporating elements from skating and graphics. Through his work, A.CE developed a sense of radical nostalgia, remixing the elements of the past with shades of the contemporary, through both visual and technical innovations. Raw and intuitive, his work exploits fragmentation to create humour and narrative ambiguities, which reflect the absurdism of popular culture and consumer driven society.

As well as being featured in a number of notable street art books, A.CE has exhibited in galleries across the globe, including London, Chicago, and New York, with a Tokyo solo show in preparation for 2017. He has been commissioned by well known clients including, Stussy, The Big Issue, Reebok, and Ace hotel, while his increasingly popular artworks have sold for record prices at recent shows and auctions.

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