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Pre-Raphaelite aimed to rediscover the painting styles of artists working earlier than the time of Raphael.

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Op Art

Optical Art or Op Art is the term used to describe paintings or sculptures create the illusion of movement through their use of optical effects. 

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Etching is the most widely used form of the ‘intaglio’ processes where the line and tone of an image are created by exposing areas of a metal plate to acid.

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Dada was an international movement among European artists and writers between 1915 and 1922, characterised by a spirit of anarchic revolt. 

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Cubism rebelled against established ways of painting and altered the way subjects can be captured on paper.

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Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism evokes their aim which was to make abstract art that was also expressive or emotional in its effect. 

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Urban Art

Urban art describes artwork that were originally involved in street and graffiti art. 

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Silkscreen Printing

To create a silkscreen print, an individual screen has to be prepared for each colour and layered onto the paper. 

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Rare and Collectable posters

Rare and collectable posters include original exhibition posters, promotional posters and open edition prints.

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