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D*Face Reveals His True Identity

London-based sculptor and stencil artist D*Face revealed his true identity at the opening of his new solo show in London.

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Robert Rauschenberg Obituary

artrepublic reflects on the life of this innovative artist, Robert Bauschenberg. 

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The Unstoppable Ben Allen

From being part of the Urban Art show in Chiswick to designing wallpaper for an upmarket restaurant in the O2 stadium. 

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Contemporary art refers not to any specific art movement or era, but simply to art created in the recent past.

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Action Art

Action Art refers to the dribbling, splashing or otherwise unconventional techniques of applying paint to a canvas. 

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Minimalism describes paintings and sculpture that thrive on simplicity in both content and form, and seek to remove any sign of personal expressivity.

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Der Blaue Reiter

Der Blaue Reiter's aim was ensure exhibition space for artist's dedicated to unrestricted freedom of expression. 

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Expressionism art seeks to cause an emotional response not to actual pictorial content but to the exaggerated style adopted by the artist seeking to reflect his inner self.

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Futurism portrayed the dynamic character of 20th century life, glorified war and the machine age, and favoured the growth of Fascism.

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