This could be the most revealing and intimate video of the mysterious artist.



A low-resolution video has emerged online appearing to show the secretive street art sensation Banksy at work.

The very short clip emerged recently on YouTube and apparently shows the world-famous artist at work under the cover of darkness, creating one of his iconic street murals, which has been dubbed ‘Lights, Camera, Vandalism’.

The image, that was executed using stencils and spray paint, depicts a chimpanzee climbing up a lamppost with a movie director’s clapperboard.

The video was shot in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol, further adding to the likelihood that the piece was created by the artist himself. Clad in nondescript streetwear of a hoodie and jeans, the character in the video cycles casually up to a wall and proceeds to quickly and skillfully create the elaborate artwork.



It was reported that the video was shot by a friend of Banksy’s for a 2010 report on the artist by The Sunday Times.

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