The Strange Case Company has just bought out three prints inspired the Andy Warhols Pop Art Campbells soup cans. However these three have some very different contents.

The blue can has primordial soup the term use to refer to the origins of life on earth. This liquid was a solution rich in organic compounds in the primitive oceans of the earth, from which life is thought to have originated. ‘To serve. Set on a low heat (98.6F) for 4.5 billion years or until resentment starts to bubble to the surface. Feeds One’ The Strange Case Company.

The red can is open and slightly crushed and is taken from the term to open a can of whoopass. So whoever is on the receiving end of this is in for a whole world of pain.

The green can contains the most sinister contents soylent green.  This is from the cut sci-fi movie of the same name soylent green is the rations on which the human population is living on which the main protagonist discovers is made from people. Hungry anyone?

Each of these print are printed on Radiant White Somerset 225gsm 100% cotton acid free mould made paper signed embossed and hand finished with gold embellishment.