The Accession of Magnus Gjoen: Grenade Assumption of the Virgin

Magnus Gjoen’s stunning new print ‘Grenade Assumption of the Virgin’ elegantly combines his fascination with war and religion with his love of Renaissance art and Italy (he studied in Milan and frequently returns to the country).
Grenade Assumption Of The Virgin By Magnus Gjoen
Grenade Assumption Of The Virgin By Magnus Gjoen

The ‘Assumption of the Virgin’ is an Italian Renaissance masterpiece by Titian, executed in 1516-1518. The large oil painting was Titian’s first major commission in Venice and is the largest altarpiece in the city. Titian’s painting commemorates the story of the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven. It is based on apocryphal legends, which told how the body and soul of Jesus’ mother were taken up to heaven by angels, three days after her death.

In his latest release, Magnus molds a religious painting of the assumption onto a grenade, a stark and uncompromising image of warfare. In classic Magnus style, the piece handsomely and succinctly represents the beauty and destruction created in the name of religion. The giclee print is from a limited edition of 200 and printed on Enhanced Matt 189 gsm fine art paper.

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