Learn more about one of our favourite artists and how his prints have evolved over the years.  

Dan Baldwin is a prolific painter of richly layered images, dense with allegorical meaning, visual metaphors and his now synonymous icons including skulls, swooping swallows, crucifixes, real razor blades and personal ephemera applied to the canvas.


The Flood by Dan Baldwin

His work straddles and overlaps several categories; fusing elements from portraiture, landscapes, abstract, and collage, to create visually arresting compositions that stop viewers in their tracks.

Born in Manchester in 1972, Baldwin studied Communication Media at Eastbourne College before receiving his B.A. from Kent Institute of Art and Design. Influenced by the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, Sir Peter Blake and Warhol, Baldwin has developed his own unique style of painting and has also embarked on a parallel career in ceramics, creating exquisitely designed earthenware pots.

His early giclee prints were often shot with air rifles or had collaged elements like antique one pound notes or crucifixes applied to them. Baldwin credits printmaking as a major stepping-stone in his journey to becoming a full-time artist. For several years Baldwin has been working with the master printers at Coriander Studio, who have also produced editions for Sir Peter Blake, Bruce McLean, Damien Hirst and Michael Craig-Martin. Baldwin has described Coriander as ‘the Rolls Royce of printmaking’, and the plaudits can be seen in the immensely high quality of production and technical brilliance in his editions.

“When you look at my prints compared to the original paintings, they have a totally different quality to them. It suddenly becomes about thirty layers of colour separation, all the finishings and glazings and flourishes are different”. – Dan Baldwin  

Through his career Dan Baldwin has a had a number of critically acclaimed sell out shows, garnering an army of dedicated fans and esteems collectors including; Sir Ronald Cohen, Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone, Jake Chapman, Shepard Fairey, Chris Packham, Jo Whiley, Liam Howlett, Maxim, Holly Willoughby, Allison Mosshart, (The Kills) and Damien Hirst.