We are incredibly excited to announce Sara Pope’s newest addition to her collection of lip-orientated artworks: Amped. This is a wonderful bold and punchy piece that will be available for purchase from Friday 29th January. 

Amped, 2021

Want to get ahead with a gift for Valentine’s Day this February? Save yourself the trouble and let Amped speak for itself! Sara has printed each artwork individually onto glass to create a unique and sumptuous seductive set of bold lips that could be yours for the taking….

Amped forms part of a limited edition of 150 prints, each pre-framed in a white box frame so it’s ready to hang. By printing directly onto transparent glass, the artist uses light to create a bolder, more dynamic work that stands out from her other collaborations with artrepublic. 

In the artist’s words:

‘I always like to incorporate light into my artworks, whether that’s through the exploration of light reflections in gloss, crystals, diamond dust and glitter, or by the use of neon light. With the new print edition AMPED, I decided to use light in a different way. By printing onto transparent glass, set forward in a deep box frame, the light passes through the print, creating a beautiful luminosity in the colours. Light becomes an integral part of the print.'

Check out Sara Pope's Amped, 2021 here!