AR: What was the inspiration behind your new release / your current body of work?

A couple of years ago I was just messing around in the studio with stencils and I created my first ‘scrubbed out’ installation with a Banksy image, I sold that and another but never did anything with the idea. Just recently I did a collaboration with an artist called DS using this same idea and it inspired me to explore other artists work that could be scrubbed out by my little guys.

AR: What does a typical day look like for you?

Pretty boring really. I try to get in the studio early as possible, around 6:30am and stay there as much as I can. My studio is in the garden, so its not far to travel and I rarely get stuck in traffic.

AR: Which artists inspire you, or you admire?

As someone who didn’t really grow up around art and didn’t get into it until my mid-twenties, of which then I was inspired by current Urban artists such as Banksy. I now find myself inspired by artists such as Hockney, Hirst, Emin, of which admiration comes into that too. I enjoy researching artists that have passed also like Basquiat, Bacon, Freud & Lowry.

AR: What is your earliest art memory?

I reckon I was about 6 when I asked for one of those wooden artist boxes from WHSmith for Christmas, the type that has pencils, paints and brushes, they still sell them now. I got it, loved it, and straight away my Dad and I attempted to paint Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. In my memory it was great, in reality it was probably shit, we gave it to our next door neighbour at the time.

AR: What did it feel like when you sold your first artwork?

Get in, lets order a Chinese takeaway tonight.

AR: What’s your favourite creative work?

Joker is my favourite film. Artwork changes all the time as I discover more, however Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel is without doubt the artwork that has brought to me something that no other artwork has.

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