Rob Wass Answers YOUR Questions!

We asked YOU to send in some questions for brilliant contemporary artist Rob Wass to answer.


artrepublic: How did your work evolve from a more urban graffiti style to the style you have now?

Rob: From painting graffiti back in my teens I learnt how to use a can of paint and what could be achieved with it. I put these techniques back into my illustration work and went from there.


artrepublic: How does the process start when creating a new piece?

Rob: It depends what I’m making but usually I jot an idea down, let it sit there (if it's not time sensitive) for a while and try to build ideas off of it. If the idea still seems good then I’ll do a load of sketches trying to push the idea in different directions until hopefully coming across something that is visually striking or meaningful.


artrepublic: How long did it take you to develop your style/process? Or is it still a work in progress?

Rob: I think when it comes to style, that came from quite a young age. I was always interested in geometric shapes and bright colours and today these 2 core components are still crucial in my work. Its definitely a work in progress, I think of style like a formula now, I have my core elements that I try and incorporate in most of the work I make so there’s a cohesion between old and new but then I'll try new things or take some things away until if find an updated style that works.


artrepublic: What's your favourite part of the art process? What's the hardest?

Rob: My favourite part is still the making for makings sake just playing with no goals in mind. The hardest is probably working on an idea for a month and at the end of the month saying to myself it's still not good enough start again.


artrepublic: What's your studio space like? Do you keep it tidy? What kind of space do you work best in?

Rob: Messy most of the time but I do try to have a little tidy up after each project. I think I'm happy working in most spaces really but I’ve always wanted a warehouse to run wild in.

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