We sat down with Charlie Haydn Taylor to discuss his introspective artworks and his passion to expose issues affecting young people today.  

AR: What is the meaning behind your collection of work? 

Charlie: My work touches upon various social issues that occur in modern day life (see an in depth view into Charlie’s work here). This can range from commentaries around mental health to environmental issues and wealth inequality. 

By contrasting the hyper modern interior spaces alongside figures who would have existed before these issues were commonly spoken about or seen as a real issue, it highlights the way in which our society has changed. 

AR: Why was this something you wanted to work on? 

Charlie: The work isn’t necessarily based around personal experiences, but more to do with larger societal issues that largely affect my generation or will have a drastic effect on generations in the future. My collage style allows me to combine a load of various details, whether obvious, or more subtle, that contribute to the message I am trying to portray.

AR: Can you describe the collection in three words? 

Charlie: Bright, bold and thought-provoking

AR: What does a typical day look like for you? 

Charlie: I usually begin my day by sorting out the boring admin side of being an artist. Collaborations, commissions and invoices. Once that’s done, I have the rest of the day to be creative and make work which I feel says what I want it to say. This might be in the form of a large scale unique collage using aluminium panels to create a small digital collage as an edition of prints. Much of my work, although similar visually, changes drastically in both size and medium.

AR: What is your workspace set up like?

Charlie: Currently, I use a converted attic as my studio space which, for the moment, mainly acts as a storage space for works before exhibitions as well as a place to print and sign work before it’s shipped off around the world. I work largely on a laptop creating digital collages which, depending on the piece, may or may not then have some sort of hand made elements collaged on top.

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