Inspired by the people and places of Brighton and beyond, Richard Berner always tries to create something out of the ordinary. His style could be described as eccentric, surreal and intricate, and we love it! Read on to learn about Richard's latest print, Best Buds


What was the inspiration behind ‘Best Buds’?

'Best Buds' is a continuation of a series of pieces inspired by some of my  favourite artists. Creating my own interpretations of the greats, from Van Gogh & Dali, to Hirst and now Haring. 

When did you know you wanted to pursue a life in art?

After leaving art college and losing interest, I rediscovered my passion for creating and drawing about 10 years later when I moved to Brighton.  My first prints quickly led to gallery interest and the ball started rolling from there.


What is your earliest art memory?

I remember watching Fantasia over and over again when I was young and thinking I wanted to be an animator! AR: What’s your favourite creative work?

My go to band to listen to for inspiration is Tool. Their music helps me get in the trance-like state, where I can draw and paint for hours and hours without noticing time.


AR: What’s next? 

I plan to start on a new body of work towards doing my next solo show, hopefully in 2021.


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