Inspired by all things beautiful from a bygone era, and founded by two sisters with backgrounds in fine art and fashion, Ethel Rose Studio, is based in Dorset, England. They celebrate vintage influences with a reflection on floral beauty.

Bringing a nostalgic charm with modern and classic mantras presented in flamboyant text, every detail is accentuated for a maximalist composition. Colours are strikingly rich evoking memories of glorious days of old fashioned warmth and comfort.


Where did the name Ethel Rose come from? 

Ethel Rose is named after two very special family members, very close to our heart. 

What’s your inspiration? 

We’re inspired by all things vintage from a bygone era. The long lost art of hand painted fonts, floral graphics and unique old fashioned visuals. The Treasures of yesteryears. 

Can you talk to us about your design process? 

We work closely together on our images and phrases, the phrases have to capture the image and the moment. We are passionate about positive statements that will make people smile. 

we have some really beautiful images to share with you in the future. The design process takes a long time from conception to production. we love every step of the way! 

What’s your favourite part of the process? 

Definitely the design of the image and working through the print process to see the final product. 

Describe Ethel Rose in 3 words? 

Unique, Beautiful and precious 

Which era do you love the most? 

Probably the 30’s and 40’s 

What does the future hold for Ethel Rose any upcoming projects? 

We have some truly beautiful pieces to share with you, our next image is almost completed and we are working on some very exciting projects. 

What do you enjoy most about working together? 

As sisters, it is a joy for us to design beautiful images together and sharing something that we are both passionate about. It has been a dream of ours to work together for a very long time. 


Sweet Love & Kisses’, tell us more 

Well it would have been apt to entitle it, ‘sweet love and virus free kisses’ wouldn’t it! That said, we have been working on this edition for over six months and it celebrates everything that is important right now. Home, family, love and of course kisses, which are still as important as ever in these unprecedented times. 

The nostalgia element couldn’t be better placed, as we look back to past generations for their life lessons and look forward to brighter days ahead. 

What better way to do that than to lose yourself in this image whilst in the comfort of your home with loved ones? Let's celebrate the simple things, love, our homes and our precious ones. After all that is all that matters isn’t it? 

Check out Sweet Love & Kisses by Ethel Rose here.