On the occasion of his new release, Redeeming Heartbreak, Copyright answers the questions top of our minds right now.


AR: What was the inspiration behind your new release / your current body of work

This is a revisit to a series (HEARTBREAK) I started in 2011-ish. It explores the different angles of heartbreak which was great at the time but I soon moved on to other things. Then, when lockdown hit, I had time to reflect and I realised there was a side of it I hadn't explored; the rainbow after the storm. This image, 'Redeeming Heartbreak', tries to show that. 



AR: When did you know you wanted to pursue a life in art?

When I realised I couldn't do anything else.


AR: What’s your favourite creative work?

I love movies about art such as ‘Pollock’ with Ed Harris. ‘Basquiat’ is another favourite which is directed by artist Julian Schnabel.  I’m also looking forward to the rumoured Warhol movie…


AR: What’s next? 

I'm doing some new projects in the States. I'd like that to transpire as a new exhibition, but hard to say for sure just now with Covid!


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