One of our favourites at artrepublic, the prolific street artist Charley Uzzell-Edwards aka Pure Evil, has recently been busy painting in the streets of Chile. Over the course of three days Pure Evil painted a huge wall in the city of Valparaiso with a portrait of the great Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, complete his signature ‘Evil’ dripping eye.

He also sprayed an intricate geometric pattern for the background. Pure Evil transformed the 30 metre long wall in quick time and of course left a few of his signature, fanged vampire bunnies for good measure. Whilst in South American Pure Evil kept up with his ‘365 Street Art’ project, whereby he paints, stencils or pastes something up in public everyday for a year, regardless of the circumstances. Valparaiso in Chile was a very suitable spot for the artist to hit as the city has reputation for being a bohemian paradise with an abundance of graffiti and street art. It’s great to see the artist plying his trade on the other side of the world with stunning results.

Pure Evil has also just been featured in an interview with the Telegraph newspaper. In the article he outlined ’12 things no one tells you before you become a street artist’. The segment makes a great read and gives a fascinating insight into the secretive world of street art. Pure Evil also made himself a candidate for quote of the year, when talking about the health implications of using spray paint he said, “One day someone will invent a spray that's made out of quinoa and kale. Every time you spray, you'll get healthier. Your skin will glow. Until then, get the biggest Breaking Bad mask out there…” Follow this link to see the story for yourself.

Images credits @pureevilgallery twitter, top photo by David Bebber for The Times