Last week the Daily Mail online published a feature on the God father of British Pop’s west London studio, Peter Blake’s “haven”. The piece centres on Blake’s six most cherished items in the eclectic collection he’s compiled in his magical studio space.

The objects include midget Tom Thumb’s boots from Barnum’s circus in the 1850s, Ian Dury’s rhythm stick, legendary wrestler Kendo Nagasaki’s mask, a cardboard cut-out of music hall performer Max Miller used in the Sgt Pepper album cover, and a hat worn by Douglas Fairbanks in the 1922 silent film ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’. Blake also picked his ’75 Years of The Beano’ collage, which was the only piece of his own work to be highlighted, saying “The funny this is that as a child I didn’t read The Beano, my comic was Film Fun”.

Peter Blake has been in his two-storey studio since 1967. It’s just round the corner from where he lives with his wife Chrissy and he still works in it most days. In the article Blake muses, “Maybe Chrissy and our daughter Rose, who’s a graphic artist, will turn it into a museum.” The feature is a wonderful peek into the creative working space of the beloved British cultural grandee.

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