Artists have always been fascinated by snow and the challenges it poses. The impressionists even painted outside in the snow in their attempts to capture the way it changes the light.

Here are our top five paintings of snow.

Snowstorm at Brighton by Edward Bawden

This dynamic print by Edward Bawden was innovative in its use of extensive over-printing of a lighter colour on a darker first print. This technique combined with the use of bold and angular cuts really brings the atmosphere of the snow storm to life.


Halstead in The Snow - 1935 by Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious beautifully captures the falling snow in the Essex town of Halstead. The tracks on the road will soon be covered by the falling snow from the dark brooding sky.


Gray Hares (Winter Bunnies) by Kozyndan

This is the last in Kozyndan’s 'Seasons of the Bunny' series of prints and is taken from Hiroshige's 'Evening Snow Kanbara'. It features the artists themselves growing old together.


The Magpie 1869 by Claude Monet


The Magpie was created during the winter of 1868–1869 and is Monet's largest scale snowscape. It is one of this first examples of Monet's use of coloured shadows. It shows a magpie on a fence in a stone wall with a house in the background. The whole landscape is covered in snow.


Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich


German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich uses this ominous snow scene to convey a message of the hope for salvation through the Christian faith. The original can be seen in the National Gallery in London.