With the new Star Wars film Rouge One out now what better time to highlight our top five artists who are moved by the Force.

RYCA's work uses star wars iconography to put an ironic spin on nostalgia as high art, and uses visual equations that create jokes with political and pop references, making his art prints refreshingly comic and accessible.


Photo-realist oil painter Zoe Moss’s playful Star Wars couplings have a beautifully light hearted touch.


Richard Berner uses vibrant watercolour inks using vivid colours and careful use of dripping paint to create his great Star Wars images.


Illustrator and animator Liam Brazier works with digital prints to create a striking, illustrative aesthetic.


AME72 is known for his Lego figures and of course his Star Wars images involve Star Wars Lego characters. Some of his works are even made in Lego.