With Mother’s Day just around the corner here are our top five amazing gifts for mums.

My Sunshine Mini by NadeemArt
Filled with emotion NadeemArt’s work touches something very deep inside us. Nadeem Chughtai prides himself on hand making all of his works, with no use of computer in sight.

Evenfall 4 by Jody Thomas
The soft spray-can texture in this piece by Jody Thomas has been used to create careful detail to maximum effect and the result is bold, graphic and beautiful: a piece that invites you to simply surrender and gaze.

Meteor by Marc Quinn
These delicate flowers by Marc Quinn will last longer than most Mothers Day flowers. The combination of unusual flowers and striking colours makes a bold statement.

Althjodlegt Tre – International Tree by Kristjana S Williams
Kristjana S Williams colourful and eclectic collages and filled with life and amazing tiny details. In this piece each butterfly within the tree represents a different country by displaying a unique flag on each of their wings.

The Visitor by Gemma Compton
‘The Visitor – Blue Edition’ encompasses Compton’s detailed and intricate style using ideas and themes of love, life and the beauty of nature with images of birds and flowers against a bold blue backdrop with additional silver leaf and varnish.