Artist Dave White’s animal kingdom has evolved once again – after his Chimp print swiftly sold out.

Various animals from Dave White’s menagerie/ studio have graced artrepublic recently, and now we are delighted to be able to share the artist’s limited edition Baby Gorilla print with you.

Available in small and extra large, the highly gestural giclee print – taken from the original oil and watercolour painting – depicts the expressive features of a young gorilla, an image that has extra pull as, on some level, we inevitably recognise something of ourselves in these primates. Not all that surprising, as they share 98.7 per cent of our genetic code (fun fact for you there!). Baby Gorilla By Dave White

White is known for celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues within his work, and this piece is no exception; more than simply depicting the cuteness of a baby animal, or hinting at the similarities between humans and gorillas, it highlights the complex theme of endangered species.

There are four species of gorillas living in the wild today, and all have either been classed as endangered or critically endangered. In painting these beautiful animals, White quite literally draws greater attention to them by confronting us with a face that we can’t (and don’t want to) look way from. It strikes us that, like the artist’s prints, baby gorillas are genuinely limited editions. How’s that for art that makes a statement?

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