AR: What was the inspiration behind your new release?

'What Comes Next Will be Marvellous’ as the title implies, is about the optimism and what will flourish from what is now. The 24ct gold ‘glamouflage’ creeps over the current, not forgetting it, but growing stronger for it.

AR: Do you see this work as a continuation of previous work or a series, or a new departure in your practice?

I would say it’s a natural progression and fills a gap from what I’ve done before and something new. It's the same but different and bridges the gap of what is coming next. As an artist I believe you always need to develop and further your art and is also the key to having fun. Repeating the same old every time becomes boring, however it still needs to be recognisable as ‘yours’.

AR:What does a typical day look like for you?

You really do not want to know how I wake up at 9ish and get breakfast served in bed while looking out on the Tuscan hillsides. I’ve had a broken foot for the past 2 months so I haven’t been very mobile. Luckily my Studio here in Florence is only meters away. I’ll usually go straight to work after having a bath and will remain in the studio until lunch. That’s when I’ll have forced outdoor/sun-time while having lunch as I am often tempted to just working through. I’ll have a catch-up with the studio in London over FaceTime and will work until 5ish when I either have a glass of wine or go have a lie-down (also with a glass of wine). Dinner is at 8ish and I usually just relax after that watching TV or playing CoD, I have however been known to go back to work for an hour or so. There would be some exercise in there somewhere if I didn’t have a broken foot and also a museum if they weren’t closed.

AR: Which artists inspire you, or you admire?

There are too many, most of them dead.

AR: What is your earliest art memory?

I was at a gallery with my parents and twin sister and they decided to buy a piece which turned out to have the wrong price attached. We were all ushered out while they rearranged all the labels on and were let back in. The piece still hangs on our wall.

AR: What’s next?

So many things have been cancelled or postponed this past year that I’ve found it best not to mention them before they’re just about to happen. The good thing is there’s always a new project around the corner.

To see Magnus Gjoen's ''What Comes Next Will be Marvellous', click here!