Zoë Jackson is an illustrator working from her studio in sunny East Sussex. Her work explores the human form and its place in nature along with themes of mindfulness and body positivity.

A primarily digital illustrator, creating editorial and exhibition pieces with a collection of previous commissions and exhibitions including magazine covers and spot illustrations, exhibitions including the RAC London and a series of exhibitions and events in Brighton and live painting at Latitude Festival. Zoë's work has a strong sense of narrative and a focus on the human experience, represented in a curated colour palette and confident use of line.

Read on to find out a little about Zoë. 


AR: What was your driving force behind your choice to become an artist?

I'm not sure there was much choice in it. I have always been creative and couldn't imagine my life any other way. Creativity itself has probably been my biggest driving force.


AR: What's your favourite piece in your portfolio and why?

This changes all the time as I think different images can reflect different moods. However, at the moment, my favourite piece is probably 'Tea Time, Me Time'. I am a huge tea fan and I also love this representation of quiet reflection. Our world can be so fast and seemingly out of control (especially at the moment) that this peaceful image of a moment alone is certainly my favourite for this time.


AR: What's your studio like?

My studio space is a little home studio with a slightly oversized desk and a view of the South Downs. A good hide away for an illustrator.


AR: How have you developed your style?

My style has always had a route in traditional draughtsmanship skills which I studied when I was younger. As I developed as an illustrator, I have become increasingly confident in my own style, which has had its variations over the years, but always involved a carefully chosen colour palette and line work. My process has always remained fairly similar, even after moving into more digital work. All my illustrations will start in a sketchbook with pencil before going into a final digital piece.


AR: Describe your art style in 3 words

Natural, human, stories.


Check out Zoë's artworks here.