AR: What was the driving force behind your choice to become an artist?

I’ve always been creatively inclined, having studied art from a young age. However I was never naturally gifted at drawing but after I studied Graphic Design at university I discovered the endless possibilities when using Illustrator, Photoshop and other computer programs combined with digital drawing. This freedom allowed me to realise visuals I never felt confident realising using just pen and paper.  

AR: Does your artwork have a message? Political, social etc

My work is very reflective of my upbringing in India. As a result, my work often sets out to tell a story of India in a less politically inclined way however I do hope to use design as a means of communication in the future when addressing various issues that pertain to the current climate. 

AR: Do you keep tabs on art trends or are you all about doing your own thing?

I’ve always tried to spend as much time as I possible can trawling galleries both wherever I am based at the time or on trips elsewhere. I feel any trip is incomplete without at least a single trip to a local gallery or museum. 

AR: What/who are your biggest influences? Artists or otherwise

I am constantly influenced by external sources. My greatest influence is India. The place, the people, the food and the energy is something I try to emulate through my work. 

AR: What’s your favourite creative work (artwork, music, play, film, etc)

A mixture of film and art.

AR: How have you developed your style?

My style has always changed based on the medium I’m exploring at the time. A constant element of my work is the intention to tell a story. I spend a lot of time looking at graphic novels, children’s books and animations. 

AR: Describe your art style in three words.

Dreamlike, colourful, nostalgic. 

AR: What is your workspace set up like? Are you in a studio/do you work alongside others/are you at a laptop or freehand? 

I work primarily using my laptop and iPad/Graphics Tablet. This set up allows me to be mobile however I have a home studio where I sometimes paint and explore other mediums. 

To see Meera's dreamy, aesthetic pieces up close, check her out HERE!