AR: What was the driving force behind your choice to become an artist?

Art has always been something I’ve engaged with, even from an early age - I know that’s a massive cliché as everyone messes about with paint as a child, it’s just some of us never grow out of it, I suppose. The driving force to becoming an artist has always been about freedom of creative expression and the platform to communicate messages. These are often adorations or tongue-in-cheek reflections on pop-society.

AR: What did it feel like when you sold your first artwork?

Mostly surprise with a smattering of satisfaction, if I’m perfectly honest. I only launched my website 5 months ago and I wasn’t expecting to get any sales or attention in the first year but here we are. 


AR: How have you developed your style?

I started out spray painting stencils in my teens, then progressed to a more digital output. That saw me enter the world of design where I stayed for 16 years. In that time I gathered influences from Swiss design, Bauhaus and user-centric design. I suppose my style is a blend of all those things, with the addition of screen printing, which has opened up a whole avenue that I’m only scratching the surface of. 

AR: Describe your art style in three words.

Fun, graphic, detailed.

AR: What is your workspace set up like? Are you in a studio/do you work alongside others/are you at a laptop or freehand

My time is split between working from my home studio and a shared screen printing studio space. 


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