Hannah's love of colourful imagery was born after moving to Cornwall as a youngster. A childhood spent on its rocky shores and exploring its subtropical garden's fuelled her creativity and after leaving school she completed a foundation course in Art and Design. It wasn't until many years later that this passion was re-ignited.

A love of her surroundings, combined with an avid interest in graphic design and travel has inspired the vibrant colours and shapes seen in Hannah's work today. Working predominantly in acrylic and gouache paint and then embellishing the canvas with Posca paint pens, Hannah aims to invite you into the world of her imagination as she joyfully depicts the world around her.

Learn more about Hannah in our Q&A below!


AR: What was the driving force behind your choice to become an artist?

I don't believe anyone chooses to become an artist, rather they create and then choose to make a living out of it; or at least try to! The path that I have chosen is driven by the necessity to have a creative outlet because of its cathartic effect. 


AR: Does your artwork have a message? 

Behind every artist is a story and this must affect the work produced. With the creative, if it pleases and soothes, or evokes and tantalizes - the artist often wishes to share this with others. I've found the creative process to be therapeutic, I would love it to consequently have that effect on others. When I paint, I immerse myself in cheerful vibrant colours following pathways which take me out of myself, to transcend - a sentiment I wish to mirror to others. 



AR: Do you keep tabs on art trends or are you all about doing your own thing?

As an artist one cannot help but seek out and be influenced by all the stimuli around in so many forms. I love looking at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. This immersion obviously permeates into one's art - be it on a conscious or subconscious level. Once the work in hand is undertaken then the creativity flows and carries the work to new personal dimensions.


AR: What/who are your biggest influences?

I have quite an eclectic taste and have many different influences. I am drawn to graphic design and love colours and shapes and their relation to one another. 

I draw inspiration from the woodblock prints of Hokusai to the Art Deco travel posters of Frank Henry Mason. 

I love the abstract work of Australian artist Tiff Manuell with her inspiring use of lively colours and shapes and innovative use of her artwork to create one of a kind accessories and clothing.


AR: How has your life and experiences influenced your artwork?

I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the country with a landscape and coastline that has influenced artists for generations, it would be difficult not to draw inspiration from that kind of heritage. Travel has also been a catalyst for my work, from a six month 'gap year' to Thailand with its vibrant floating markets and the feast of colour and shapes, to the secluded sandy coves of Mallorca, snorkeling in its crystal clear waters. 

I use my art as a form of therapy after suffering from poor mental health most of my life. Recently diagnosed with BPD I find painting a valuable outlet in the management of my condition. 



AR: What did it feel like when you sold your first artwork?

I'll let you know! 


AR: What’s your favourite creative work (artwork, music, play, film, etc)

I couldn't pick just one! I'd have to choose one for every genre. 


AR: How have you developed your style? 

They say 'practice makes perfect' - and for years I felt I was merely imitating the work of others. However as time passed, through spontaneous experimentation and becoming lost in the subject and colours in hand, my own style seemed to evolve organically. 


AR: Have you picked up any other skills in order to create your artwork that you weren’t expecting?

While I wouldn't necessarily say I've developed any unexpected skills while creating my artwork, the creative process itself has made me challenge my perfectionist tendencies and made me persevere with a piece I was unhappy with; rather than disregarding it altogether. 


AR: What’s your favourite piece in your portfolio and why?

One that will be available in the next collection!


AR: Describe your art style in three words.

Contemporary, Abstract and vibrant. 


AR: What is your workspace set up like? 

I'm currently painting at home but hope to rent a studio in a creative co-working space in the future; Covid restrictions allowing.


Check out Hannah's artworks here.