Author: Rebecca Cox

Introducing: Darren John

Darren John is best known for his work on the value of the creative imagination. His work calls for increased accessibility in art; in both access to art and in the creative act itself. Darren’s work can often be seen in the public space and he is enthusiastic about integrating art with life.

Darren is an active supporter of producing public-art-for-good projects; works that seek to benefit, enrich and provide value to the people of which these works reside. Darren is both a Founder and Lead Artist at Absolutely Studio - a mural production team that creates large scale artworks on behalf of many great artists around the world.

Ahead of Darren’s debut collection with us at Art Republic, we sent him a handful of questions to provide some deeper insight into his artwork and studio practice.

"Find what truly motivates you, your desires and your curiosities and work your butt off to bring more of it in to the world" 
- Darren John

 Introducing: Darren John | Image

AR: What's the best piece of advice you've been given as an artist?

DJ - I’m a self-trained artist and I've spent a lot of my creative career observing the paths, movements and approaches of my peers and others. It's been invaluable in navigating my own pursuits and in being able to market my work effectively and without diluting the core mission behind it. 

I’ve found that many artists are quite resistant to sharing information as if it would be revealing secrets that would allow others to surpass them in their careers. I think this is a very poor mindset that I believe comes as a result of the perpetuation of the term ‘the starving artist’.

I’ve made a point in doing the opposite to this and I think we would all benefit by moving our creative consciousness forwards collectively by sharing more.

Introducing: Darren John | Image

- Studio shot by Olivier Jaume


AR: What other artists inspire you?

    DJ - There are so many fantastic visual artists around, more than ever before in history since we can see works from so many artists from all around the world.. from devices in our pockets.

    While there are a lot of great things to see, I’m inspired more by ideas. In particular I’ve been hugely inspired by the ideas and essays that drove much of Keith Haring's work.

    I’ve found a lot of inspiration in the tenacity and passion in the writings and work of the late art critic Robert Hughes.

    And this quote is especially potent “There is no such thing as good painting about nothing” - from a letter co-authored by Mark Rothko and Adolph Gotlieb to New York Times.

    AR: What advice would you give your younger self?

      DJ - Rather than look externally for sources of inspiration and direction.. Look inside. Find what truly motivates you, your desires and your curiosities and work your butt off to bring more of it into the world.

      Introducing: Darren John | Image

      - shot by Oliver Rudkin

      AR: What’s your dream project?

        DJ - Right now I would just like to be able to share more of my artworks and more of my projects to people in the physical space.

        Beyond this, I'd really like to continue to merge art and life together in ways that are encouraging, inspiring and feel natural.

        Producing artworks on outdoor sports courts, playgrounds and objects around the home are brilliant for this - so I'm keen to create more opportunities to paint artworks and murals around these.

        AR: What research do you do before starting a new theme/brief - where do you begin?

          DJ - My painting projects are typically informed by each other. So the process and parts that I loved from the previous set of paintings will often find their way into the next set.

          This means that the whole output form my studio can follow a unique and personal lineage to myself. This is super exciting because I’m not producing as a result of external inspiration and so it would be impossible to predict the direction of my work! I love this!

          It also means there's no end and the more you explore, the more you discover! What a beautiful metaphor for life.

          ".. the more you explore, the more you discover." - Darren John

          You can find more about Darren and find his available works with artrepublic here.  

          You can also view his studio diary via his Instagram here.


          CJP £75

          Rewilderness - A3

          29.7 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 185

          Hearts & Flowers - Clementine

          45 x 45cm

          Limited Edition of 20

          Anthropomorphic Bowie

          42 x 60 cm

          Limited Edition of 100

          You Are My Sunshine in Multicolour -...

          45 x 64cm

          Limited Edition of 20

          Nothing Matters - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

          Cats Pyramids

          24.7 x 39cm

          Limited Edition of 42

          Daffy (Red Stripe)

          70 x 50cm

          Limited Edition of 50

          Reginald Botanical

          29.7 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 99

          Lazy Afternoon Cheetah

          29.7 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 99

          Lone Pine, California

          33 X 48 cm

          Limited Edition of 25


          21 x 29.7cm

          Limited Edition of 100

          Cherry Drop

          35 x 35cm

          Limited Edition of 32

          Premium Sunflower Safety Matches

          54 x 64cm

          Limited Edition of 25

          Acne Pink

          30 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 100

          Lemon Blossom 3

          40 x 40cm

          Limited Edition of 100

          Adventure Awaits, 2020

          50.7 x 45cm

          Limited Edition of 25

          Ellipsis - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

          Ellipsis - Remix, 2020

          42 x 42 cm

          Limited Edition of 100

          Paralluxe Primary Edition

          50 x 50cm

          Limited Edition of 25

          Charlotte Farmer £115 £97.75

          Anyone for Tennis?

          29.7 x 42 cm

          Limited Edition of 50

          BOUNCE! 2020

          42 x 42cm

          Limited Artist Proof

          The Sun Rises in the East Art Print by Hooksmith Press

          The Sun Rises in the East

          32 x 45cm

          Limited Edition of 40


          29.7 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 20

          Patrick Art Print by Lee Ellis


          40 x 40cm

          Limited Edition of 25

          Vintage Girl

          70 x 100cm

          Limited Edition of 50

          MK-Ultra II

          19 x 19cm

          Limited Edition of 177

          Lisa Lloyd £100 £85

          Hummingbird with Blue Background - Medium

          29.7 x 42cm

          Limited Edition of 50

          Gorilla - Neon Pink

          42 x 59.4cm

          Limited Edition of 20

          Right Hand Red, 2020 Art Print by Static
          Static £35

          Right Hand Red, 2020

          20 x 20cm

          Limited Edition of 500