We have just started working with the amazing British design company Danad design on some interesting and exciting new works.

The first project we have work from is 'Danad V’. Using its amazing archive of source images Danad design is giving a select few modern day artists and street artists access to their remarkable image library for them use to create something new. Rekindling the Danad design flame in an exciting clash of Pop Art with Street Art in the spirit of the contemporary music mash-up and remix culture.

The first 'Danad V’ collaborator is artist and poet 'Dissent'. We have three striking prints from Dissent who writes simple, unpretentious poetry about simple, unpretentious things that happen to simple, unpretentious people. These three images contrast the simple innocence of children’s book illustrations with darker images commenting on the wider geopolitical issues at work in the world.


Danad Design was a trailblazing, iconoclastic and experimental art/ design company founded in 1958 by six seminal British artists: Robyn Denny, Peter Blake, Tom Adams, Bernard Cohen, Barry Daniels and Edward Wright. The collective was considered a defining force in the Pop Art movement.


For more than half a century Danad has been dormant – but now with the unearthing of a previously unseen body of work and a remarkable image archive they are looking at a number of exciting projects to celebrate Danads important history. Watch this space for more things to come…