New artist Charlie Haydn Taylor talks us through his new artworks and the deeper meanings within them. 

‘Fool’s Paradise’

An insight into the unaffected world of the upper class, this piece depicts a number of wealthy elite continuing to party whilst chaos ensues in the outside world. Within the interior space we see artwork by Banksy, whose work looks to highlight political and social injustice whilst ironically only being economically available to the people Banksy detests. Likewise, we see work by Keith Haring whose social commentaries were initially to be widely accessible on the streets to the everyday person. Instead now residing in the homes of those who are unaffected by these social injustices.

‘Just How New are the Emperor’s Clothes?’

This piece looks to highlight how large corporations implement policies that continuously have a negative impact on the environment. The title relates to the ‘staff’ depicted. It appears that workers at these companies do not speak up on policies that they may personally disagree with, so not to be the odd one out on such issues.


‘Our Place of Worship’

‘Our Place of Worship’ is a comment on society’s trust in pharmaceuticals. This is a subject that has fascinated Haydn Taylor as ‘unnatural’, lab-made medication continues to be at the forefront of particular treatments whilst natural remedies, such as Cannabis, are continually deemed dangerous.

‘Life at the Top’

A metaphorical and literal interpretation of how the 1% live. Artwork is seen within this piece by artists such as Basquiat and Banksy, who’s work comments on the nature of social inequality, which ironically is now only affordable to those that the very work criticises.

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