French artist and illustrator based in Brighton on the southern English coast, Hello Marine is full of optimism and good vibrations which she transcribes into her intensely colourful illustrations, prints and now acrylic paintings.

Marine has been working for various clients all over the world (NY Times, Lacoste, Penguin…) for the last 12 years as well as exhibiting her personal work in galleries. Today, she talks through her new collection entitled 'Oh So Still'.
AR: What was the inspiration behind your new release/ current body of work?
Those new pieces are part of a series called ‘Oh So Still’ which i started over lockdown and are a colourful celebration of the stillness of it all, when it seemed the time had stop or wasn’t really relevant anymore. I spent a lot of my lockdown sketching and painting as a coping mechanism and i wanted to record those times within my work. Using strong colours and patterns has been recurrent in my work for quite a while now. There isn’t a big meaning behind my work. It is bold and a bit naive and hopefully it is a catalyst for good feelings and positive energies.
AR: What does your typical day look like for you?
My typical day starts with my family getting ready for school, etc… I have 2 kids, 8 and 11 years old, so things get pretty hectic, in the nicest way. I then get to my studio which is a 20 minutes walk from my house through a lovely area of Brighton so, my commute is pretty ideal really. I work from a big building along other artists, painters, ceramists, jewellers, stone carver and even violin restorer. My day is spent working on various illustration commissions, mainly within publishing and editorial. I’ve had my French agent in Paris since i graduated and they are great at sourcing and managing projects. I have an agent in the UK too and they are also finding regular work so i feel pretty lucky to have them representing me.
Once the illustration work is over or when i’m in between projects or waiting for client feedback, i work on my own pieces, prints and paintings. This time is really important as it often leads to new commissions and really keeps me going creatively. Living in Brighton, a typical day in normal times would definitely involve meeting friends, going to see some live music, seeing some film at the cinema and generally making the most of the vibrant culture that the city offers... those last months have been very different… thankfully we are also really lucky to have the sea and Downs on our doorstep and i find connecting with nature on a regular basis very important and grounding so i always try and make some time for it.
AR: Which artists inspire you, or do you admire?
My influences are for ever evolving so i’m always finding it hard to answer this question.. but there is a constant interest and curiosity for the work of Matisse, Hockney.. In my contemporaries, I really like the work of people like, Julien Colombier or Ludovilk Myers, who both have strong influences in the graffiti art scene.
AR: When did you know you wanted to pursue a life in art?
From a very young age i was always encouraged to be creative, draw, make, etc… I was left to explore a lot and i would spend hours building things 
and come up with creative ways to occupy my time. My primary school was also very arty. We would spend afternoons doing things like drawing the clouds while listening to piano or making collages with things found in the forest.. In my teens it was more the skateboard/snowboard/music influences…. I guess i never really questioned it, it was always there and so would always be. All the kids i grew up with are now also making a living being creative… something about the way we were brought up i guess..
AR: What’s next?
More paintings! I’m just enjoying so much exploring this side of my creativity and i love the whole process of building a piece, selecting my palette, working through it and seeing it complete. It’s a great journey.. i’m exploring my style, visual language, techniques….  Hopefully a solo show with those soon as well.
Click here to see Hello Marine's new 'Oh So Still' collection.