2015 saw Joe Webb go for gold with his sell-out ‘Embrace – Gold’ edition and 2016 has seen the release of artrepublic exclusive ‘Embrace – Platinum’ plus the beautiful ‘Echoes – Blue’.

As well as being another fantastic year with sell-out print editions, numerous art events and exhibitions, 2015 saw Joe Webb alongside artist such as The Connor Brothers, Nancy Fouts and Dan Baldwin take part in the Peace One Day, Charity Auction at Pall Mall. The ‘Peace One Day’ charity seeks to campaign for unanimous adoption by all UN member states for a day of ceasefire and non-violence and work to institutionalise the day to make it self-sustaining. The auction all in all raised £150,000 and Webb’s ‘Embrace – Gold’ sold for just under £2,000.

Following the sell-out of Webb’s ‘Embrace’ release which was available in a rainbow of colours; blue, pink, red and gold, it seemed only fit that the artist released a perfectly platinum version which is now available here and only here at artrepublic.

To go alongside this beauty we also have artrepublic exclusive ‘Echoes – Blue’ which features a silhouette of a man with shining slicked back hair and a silhouette of a woman against him. This gorgeous piece of art tells the beginning of a thousand stories – whether that be love, companionship or your own personal story.

Both ‘Embrace – Platinum’ and ‘Echoes – Blue’ by Joe Webb are available to purchase right here at artrepublic – but hurry, catch them whilst you can!