The artist's Bethlehem event marks 100 years since the Balfour Declaration.
The surreptitious street artist Banksy has recently created a satirical “street party” at his Bethlehem Walled Off hotel to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Balfour declaration, which promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine and support from the British Government.

The street artist stated that the West Bank tea party was created to apologise for Britain’s role in the carving up of the holy land and subsequent years of turmoil and conflict between Israel and Palestine.
A statement by Banksy said: "This conflict has brought so much suffering to people on all sides. It didn't feel appropriate to 'celebrate' the British role in it."
"The British didn't handle things well here - when you organise a wedding, it's best to make sure the bride isn't already married."
The street party was official opened by an actor dressed up as the Queen accompanied by dozens of local Palestinian children. The fake Queen unveiled Banksy’s new carved public artwork "Er... Sorry".
The controversial piece of performance art took place just metres away from Banksy’s latest installation, his ingenious Walled Off Hotel. Opening earlier this year the boutique hotel presents Banksy’s subversive artwork in a unique setting, offering visitors the chance to stay in differently themed rooms.