Have a conscious Christmas and give your loved ones a present for the future. The Christmas season often encourages everything in excess - more shopping, more food, more drinking and more presents. Gift-giving is a genuine love language used to express appreciation, but mindless spending can detract from this sentiment and create unnecessary waste and make Christmas overwhelming for many people.

With an increasing awareness of environmental issues and our impact we have made on the planet with our waste, more people are rejecting a throwaway mindset and making more considered purchases that have more longevity. At artrepublic we fully support this idea and encourage you to buy for life!

Invest for your loved ones. Art is for life and can be passed down generations retaining and often increasing in value over time.
Art is a special gift There is something very special about receiving a work of art from a loved one. Many see the artwork hanging in their home as an extension of themselves and a way to reflect an element of their personality or an experience they have had. Choosing a piece of art for someone which captures your relationship with them or memories you have shared is a meaningful gift that will last a lifetime and continue to bring them joy every day.
Found a piece you both love? Buy it for each other for Christmas!

Art lasts a lifetime The purchase of art is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and easy to maintain. It is not something that needs to be regular serviced like your car or your home, so the initial investment has no extra upcoming costs to consider. It is not another commodity that outlives it usefulness with an expiring shelf life. In fact, art gets better with time, often increasing in value it is a more worthwhile investment than buying an abundance of plastic items which you will soon lose their charm and end up in landfill.


Art is affordable The purchase of art is not only a unique and special gift, but a way to support talented creatives in a tangible way. We have hundreds of prints available under £100. 


Art is an investment Seen something you like? Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for what you really want in order to avoid receiving unwanted gifts that you won’t use. You may feel selfish or ungrateful asking for something specific, but your loved ones are likely to appreciate help buying a gift you will enjoy and get use from.

Request a piece of art from your loved ones so they can buy you something you love. Or just treat yourself to a Christmas gift! A new piece of artwork that celebrates the start of a new decade will add value to your life and fill you with happiness when you see it hanging in your home making it a worthwhile investment.
Art is easy! Still stuck on gift ideas? artrepublic gift vouchers are a great gift to give and receive at Christmas. Visit our gift voucher page or contact our team for details. Our expert team take the stress out of your Christmas shopping and help you choose from our extensive selection and guide you through the different framing options available.