Have you ever wondered what an artist's favourite artwork is? At Art Republic, we love to know all about our artists, including what they love to hang on their walls! We sat down with AAWatson and found out about his top five favourite pieces from Art Republic.

Pepsi Can by Trash Prints

1. Trash Prints

When I grow up I want to be able to print like this! Honestly it is hard to believe that these are actually screen prints and not photographs. I also love the expanse of white that really makes the image stand out and gives it a sense of scale. I have this print and four others in the series hanging at home and they really make an impact.

From Waterloo Bridge II by Jayson Lilley

2. Jason Lilley

Similar to the work by Trash Prints I am really drawn to the expanse of gold leaf that really creates a sense of scale and draws you into the cityscape below. I have always been a big fan of Jayson's work and love the mix of printing and metallic leaf that creates a very distinctive style.

Signal, 2018 by Dan Hillier

3. Dan Hillier

I have lost count how many of Dan's screen prints I have collected over the years. I love the surreal re-interpretation of old imagery. I never get bored looking at this collection of work as you constantly find tiny details you never noticed before.

Brutal by Mark Petty

4. Mark Petty

The reverse hand pulled screen print onto glass is really unique and creates an amazing depth of colour. I am also drawn to the humour that runs through all of Mark's work as I am a firm believer that art is there to be enjoyed, and if makes you smile - even better.

Haring Bones - Pink by Will Blood

5. Will Blood

Another artist that really makes me smile. Mixing cartoon characters with skeletons ... genius.

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