Iconic works by celebrated and news making street artist Shepard Fairey will be featuring in the London Saturday@Phillips sales to be held on March 14th.

On offer by the artist will be signed and limited edition print s: Kiss, 1999, estimated£700-800; Giant Classic, 1998 estimated £600-800; Four Works: Obey ‘89, ‘95, ‘99 and ‘04 (from Retro Series), 2005, estimated £2,500-3,500 each signed and dated from an edition of 89; Big Brother 2, 2001, estimated £400- 600

Shepard Fairey, whom Banksy credits as a major influence, has been practicing graffiti art for over 20 years. His last poster campaign has recently broken into the mainstream media with his iconic portraits of Barack Obama emblazoned with the words “Hope”.

On the eve of his solo exhibition and retrospective, Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand, at the ICA Boston recently, the artist was arrested by Boston police and charged with illegal tagging of private property. He is currently awaiting trial.

Saturday@Phillips will feature a mix of contemporary and urban art, design, photographs, jewellery, watches and toy art. Other urban artists featured in the sale include Paul Insect, Faile, Banksy, Dan Baldwin, Mau Mau, Swoon, D*Face and Nick Walker.