Dave White's latest limited edition print has just swooped down in our gallery. The most recent offering from the master painter is a stunning 30-layer silkscreen of a magnificent golden eagle, which has been finished with an exquisite, sparkling, diamond dust background. The print begs to be viewed in the flesh to fully appreciate its shimmer brilliance so make you sure you pop in the Brighton gallery to see it for your self. The dignified bird continues from Dave White's Albion' series, where he has looked to native British wildlife for inspiration, painting a number of endangered species.



In this latest body of work Dave White has encouraged the public to reconnect with the creatures that inhabit our countryside. By featuring well known as well as more obscure animals in the series he highlights the sheer span of indigenous wildlife on these shores. However it is not the first time an Eagle has cropped up in Dave White's work. Back in 2011 artrepublic exclusively released his first eagle print, which originated from his Americana' show.



2014 has been an incredibly successful year for the artist with two major exhibitions and a number of highly anticipated print editions being released. Back in June of this year Dave White had his debut solo show in Los Angeles further confirming his international appeal and reputation. Apex' featured a number of oil paintings of great white sharks, brilliantly capturing the dynamism and elegance of the predator. Dave White has long been one of our most popular artists at artrepublic for good reason and we cannot wait to see what 2015 holds in store for the gifted painter.