London-based sculptor and stencil artist D*Face revealed his true identity at the opening of his new solo show in London.

In his interview with BBC London Dean Stockton (a.k.a. D*Face) said as he gets older and displays his works in galleries as well as on the street he see less of a need to hide is identity. He also commented on how the recent increase in CCTV prevents him and other artists from creating detailed works in public.

Before he revealed his identity he did have one last big stunt. Along with a group of assistants disgusted as council workers he planted several large concrete spray cans around London and in broad daylight.

His solo show ‘aPOPcalypse Now’ at the black rat press gallery in London has been a big success. The newly released limited edition print 'Statue of Liberty' sold out with the publishers on the opening night.

D*Face’s subversive images involve a family of dysfunctional characters, such as ‘D*Dog’ which he uses to encourage the public to not just ‘see’ but to look at their surroundings. His latest show ‘aPOPcalypse Now’ re-works popular images from advertising and comic books to comment on the corruptive nature of fame, celebrity and consumerism.